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Every week day for the next 2 weeks we are praying together as a community for God’s Kingdom to come and his will to be done.  Each day we will give a thought via video for you to pray in your own time and way.

We have been looking at different areas of the faith through the lens of the kingdom, and this prayer is to go alongside that, to call on the name of Jesus to usher in that Kingdom that we’re learning about. The kingdom can be described as anywhere the power and influence of God is, we see it operating in 2 ways through Jesus when He was on the earth. There were direct encounters where people encountered the Kingdom through a miracle or revelation Jesus bought and they were saved and entered into the Kingdom. Then there were the times Jesus just threw it out there, like the feeding of the 5000 and let it land where it fell, with no expectation of anything in return, here people experienced the benefit of the Kingdom, without actually entering into it. We want both in our lives, church and community right?

So this coming week we’re going to focus on the Kingdom’s impact on us personally and try and get aligned with Him, seeking His Kingdom to come His will to be done in our lives, before next week, seeking that for others, our church, community and nation.

Kingdom Coming – Day 1

Kingdom Coming – Day 2

Kingdom Coming – Day 3

Kingdom Coming – Day 4

Kingdom Coming – Day 5

Kingdom Coming – Day 6

Kingdom Coming – Day 7

Kingdom Coming – Day 8

Kingdom Coming – Day 9

Kingdom Coming – Day 10

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