Kingdom Coming – Day 10

As we finish off our Kingdom Coming Prayer weeks; I hope you have seen Kingdom transformation in your lives and the lives of those around you. If you haven’t,  believe in faith that you will do. Our unified prayers are powerful!

Today we look to the ends of the earth – for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in our nation and the nations. Sometimes when you think about this it can seem so far, such a big ask to even start to pray about all the issues you see globally and nationally. Yet, there is one prayer that we can all pray.

Let’s pray today for a turning to God in this nation. For the issues, we face now to find solutions through Kingdom of heaven principles. For the world, for those persecuted or in deep need, war-torn countries and those with huge issues. Think of those who maybe rich, and yet poor in spirit and take heart that a Kingdom is coming and will be established. That a time is coming when there will be no anguish.

Lord today as we look at our nation and the nations and often feel overwhelmed,  we pray Lord your Kingdom come, your will be done in our nation and the nations of the world!

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