Kingdom Coming – Day 4

Yesterday, we looked at the bigger picture. As we think on that, we realise that this is not all about us. This leads us to a place of surrender; Lord your will be done, not mine!

As we heard in the message in our Upside Down Kingdom Series, being a disciple is about laying down our lives to follow Him, and to do that we must surrender. This may feel like a big ask but there is so much freedom in surrendering everything into the perfect hand of our faithful Father and leaving them there. It’s good to surrender each area of our lives that may include finances, marriage, parenting, schooling, work & discipleship. Placing all of this in His hands asking for His will to be done in all of those areas can feel like a risky prayer but you will see a change in your life and I can guarantee you that life will make more sense when surrendered to him!

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