Community Groups


At its core, a Community Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other and that’s why we have Community Groups. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try, so check out the directory.

Our Community Groups are closed group environments – we want to create a place for what we call Authentic Community. Somewhere that we can outpour God’s love, truth, and grace –  a place where you can be real, honest and explore God and faith with people who care about you!

Community Groups are key to you getting free and finding purpose. It’s the best place for you to grow in your faith.





What’s the difference?

We believe that an authentic community can only be formed over a period of time so once you’ve found a group that you are comfortable with, we let those groups stay as they are for an agreed amount of time. The period of time will be agreed between the group leader and its members. This is what we call a Community Group.

To enable this group formation to happen we have sign up windows for people to sign up  to Community Groups in August.  This gives us the chance to train up new Group Giudes and ensure that every group is getting the support they need.

In between the Community Group sign up windows we run Bridging Groups.  These groups are designed to give you a ‘taste of community’ while providing very practical biblically-based content.  Short Term Groups include groups on parenting, marriage, finances, mission & leadership etc.  Join a Bridging Group at any time whether you are in a Community Group or not.  If you are new to Revive and you are waiting for Community Group sign up to open….join a Bridging Group.

Community Group sign up happens online or via our Ops Team.  We have he sign up “windows” starting in August.  These windows allow for new people in the church and other groups that are forming to join a group at a similar time.

This is decided by the group.  Often it will take place in a group member home.  We also provide rooms in our Church building where groups can meet. Many groups also organise social activities together which may take place outside of their normal meeting place

Each group is different!  We do not specify a day of the week or a time of day.  Each Community Group is led by a Group Guide that helps guide the group and facilitate what happens.  During the signup process there will be an indication of the day, time, and frequency of the groups for you to choose from.

We are not a church with Community Groups; we are a church of Community Groups. We believe that Community Groups are the best way to grow as a disciple of Jesus and we want to make it as easy for you to access as possible.

We desire for everyone to find a community that they can be real, honest and grow within.  For you to do that you need to feel safe to express yourself.  During the signup process, we recommend you try a group out.  Pray about it and then take the step to commit.  Community Groups are only as active as those who are in them so the group needs you!

If after signing up and committing to a group you feel that the Community Group is not for you,  then please chat with your Group Guide about the next steps of joining a new group.


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