With lockdown coming to an end and with our new Community Groups being planned to launch in September we are excited to bring short-term connection point groups over the summer.  This will be a place for people to reconnect with church family, enjoy some real-life community and get around his Word.

Summer Groups are a way of connecting with people in the Revive Church family again after the last year of isolation and lockdown. Designed to be fun and informal get-togethers to connect and talk.  There will be a focus around a particular topic which you can sign up around.

We know its been tough, and getting ‘back out there’ is never easy but being around your church family is so important and we’d love as many as possible to get connected this Summer.

More groups are being created & released soon!

More Resources?

The Bible

Get into Gods Word - we have some resources to help you!


Go back and watch/listen to our message series - they are packed full of practical, faith-building messages to encourage and equip you.

Rightnow Media

RightNow Media is a digital resource now available to all Revive Church members and those who are associated with Revive Church. Get your account now