Our October 2022 series has got us thinking about social and cultural issues that we are tackling through a biblical lens.  We wanted to provide people with some resources to support you as you seek God.  If you have any issues or concerns about anything that is discussed in this series then please reach out to your Community Group Guide or Care+. 01663 250 160



Resources for parents and Podcast available

Every Man Book Series

Book series supporting and helping Men, Women and preparing Children to win the war on secual tempatation, one victory at a time.

Naked Truth Project

Working to Open Eyes & Free Lives from the damaging impact of porn

RightNow Media

There are a number of video series and resources on RightNow Media to support with issues of Porn.
If you do not have a RightNow Media account you can have one as part of Revive Church. www.revivechurch.uk/rightnowmedia

Bible Devotional – Porn Free

Porn Free With John Bevere - 5 Day Devotional Series

This is not a plan to beat you up, tell you to double down on your efforts, and just get your act together. The Porn Free plan will lovingly take you by the hand, meet you where you are, and lead you with both grace and truth into freedom.

Covenant Eyes – Technology & Accountability Solution

Covenant Eyes helps you and the ones you love live porn-free through transformative accountability relationships.

The Laurel Centre

Porn Addiction & Sex Addiction Therapy - If compulsive sexual behaviours or sex addiction or porn addiction are damaging your life, we’re here to help.

Report & Remove

Report Remove - information for adults - For a child or young person, having a sexual image or video of themselves shared online can be a distressing situation. This can be difficult for parents and carers too, but there are ways you can support your child. If they’re under 18, they can use Report Remove.



Here is the website of our Safeguarding Support Provider thirtyone:eight

Safeguarding Policy & Guidelines

Here is the link to our Safeguarding Policy, guidelines and associated forms

Safeguarding Concern Form

Here is the link to log a safeguarding concern to our Safeguarding Coordinator


Book Recommendation – Terms of Service | The Real Cost of Social Media

Read a sample of the book by clicking here,

How to talk about Social Media with your children

Free social media kit to support you in talking to your children by Axis

Axis – Connecting Parents, Teens, & Jesus in a Disconnected World

Download your free parenting guide to help you understand the world of social media

Bible Devotional – Does God Care About What I Say Online?

Does God Care About What I Say Online? - 7 Day Devotional

Social media was made to bring us together. But few things have driven us further apart. Daniel Darling believes we need an approach that applies biblical wisdom to our engagement with social media, an approach that neither retreats from modern technology nor ignores the harmful ways in which Christians often engage publicly. In short, he believes that we can and should use our online conversations for good

Redeem The Screen

Redeem the Screen is a video series on RightNow Media.
If you do not have a RightNow Media account you can have one as part of Revive Church. www.revivechurch.uk/rightnowmedia

Social Reboot – Social Dilema

Social Dilema has produced a 'Social Media Reboot' toolkit. This is not a christian resource but provides some great ways to detox from Social Media.


Theology of Work

Resources including, bible commentaries, devotionals on supporting Christians in the workplace.

RightNow Media – Work Series

Resource videos on supporting Christians in the workplace.

None To Five Podcast

Nine to Five podcasts are conversations with Christians who are actively seeking to align their careers with God’s mission.

Jordan Raynor

Podcasts, devotionals and books from Jordan Raynor who helps Christians respond to the radical, biblical truth that their work matters for eternity.


Revive’s CAP Services

Services and support that we offer at Revive Church through our partnership with CAP

Your Money Counts

Equipping Christians and Churches to know and apply what the Bible has to say about the handling of money, possessions and giving.

Keep The Change – Money Management Devotional

In this 7-day Bible Plan, we’ll look at real stories from ordinary people who are learning how to take control of their budgets and live more generous lives.

More Resources?

The Bible

Get into Gods Word - we have some resources to help you!


Go back and watch/listen to our message series - they are packed full of practical, faith-building messages to encourage and equip you.

Rightnow Media

RightNow Media is a digital resource now available to all Revive Church members and those who are associated with Revive Church. Get your account now