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In partnership with Christians Against Poverty, we opened our debt centre in October 2009. Since then we have had the privilege of working to help people become debt free and seeing their lives changed through the process

We currently have one Centre Manager and one Debt Coach who work over the High Peak and parts of Tameside, along with a team of befrienders/supporters who work with the clients throughout the sometimes long haul of becoming debt free.

We love being able to go into people’s homes and bring hope to them, not just through the debt management but by bringing the love of Jesus into their world. Our clients are usually very happy for us to pray for them when we ask them and pleased that someone cares enough.

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Leanne Clark

Leanne Clark
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Since we started in 2009, we have had the joy of helping people get out of debt, whilst we continue to work hard for those who are still working through the process.

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‘I now feel significant and loved by God, and that is a huge thing for someone who was so suicidal…’Kathryn - CAP Client