High Street Building Refresh


  1. Firstly, because the building is in need of it, this is a building entrusted to us, a place where we are able to gather together, and we are stewards of it, therefore, we need to ensure it is well maintained, a large proportion of the works being undertaken is the maintenance of the building.
  2. The other reason links into the model shift the church is taking.We want to become a more fluid, acts like church, where the church is people gathered in community in small groups, encouraging growth in their faith, and impacting their community locally. Who then gather together to celebrate and to welcome guests!Why do we need the building then? Well…for guests! We have talked about environments as a way of viewing the journey we go on in church life. Our reception areas are where we host guests.  When we host guests in our homes we make an effort. We want it to be warm and inviting, a place they feel welcome. Many of our guest environments, Sunday gatherings, CAP, Fuse and Kids Life all happen in the building, it is our main physical guest environment and we want it to say welcome, we care, and in some small way reflect the heart of those that makeup Revive Church, a family that cares and is warm and welcoming, also excellent in all that we do, because we work for the king.

Phase 1 of this refresh looks at the main communal area – The main hall, toilets, kitchenettes along with some essential maintenance.  Below is a breakdown of the areas being covered.

Main hall decor, carpets, acoustic treatment
Stage Area
Kitchenettes (upstairs & downstairs)
Welcome Area
Accessible Toilet upstairs
Toilets Downstairs
Heating added to the toilets and quiet room downstairs



Phase 2 will consist of the Revive Kids and Youth spaces downstairs.  As part of the reviews with these teams, we will be looking to come up with solutions and ways to maximise our space downstairs.  To do this it requires more consultation and design to ensure we provide the irresistible environments that our children and teams deserve.

Phase 2 will be looking at

All 3 existingkids rooms
Corridor areas
Storage Room
Quiet Room


We have not currently factored in new chairs being purchased.  Watch out for more info on what the plan is for purchasing new chairs for the building.

Want to Know More?

Sunday Gatherings

We love to gather in one place to celebrate, be inspired by God and His word, and encounter the living God. We like our Sunday gatherings to be a place that you can get a glimpse what Faith in Jesus is like.


We have been partnering with CAP for over a decade to support people in need.  Our Job Club is known nationally for helping people who have been long term unemployed.  Our team os volunteers have a heart to help and our CAP services continue to grow.


Our goal is for your kids to have a genuine relationship with God, build a Biblical foundation for their lives, grow with friends and leaders, and love being at church.