What Next?

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What next?

By the time you all read this, the results of the EU Referendum will be in. Are in or out? Are we now entering a transitional phase of negotiations for the Brexit, or negotiating what our new relationship with Europe will look like from the inside.

Whatever lies next on our future path, it will undoubtedly be a complicated one. The road sign in the photo above certainly looks like a complicated layout of turns and twists, so similar to our political landscape at the moment. Just last week I was driving through “Spaghetti Junction” in Birmingham, looking at the miles of concrete and tarmac that supports routes through the busiest interchange in Europe.

To navigate successfully through the complexities of this interchange, you have to be sure of where your intended destination is and keep a close eye on the signs to stay on track. The same could be said of our lives. There are so many options, so many turns, so many opportunities and temptations to take differing paths that we need to be sure of where we are headed, of what path God is leading us to follow.

Just like the road junction, we also need to be fully aware of what directions God is giving us. We can only do this by knowing His word and recognising the voice of God and flowing in it.

When I was planning my road trip to Birmingham, I spent some time studying the map and writing out key road junctions and numbers to follow in order to get there. I decided on this method instead of using the Sat Nav, because I wanted to avoid a lengthy stretch of the M6 with roadworks. Although “old school” it worked really well and I felt like I knew where I was going rather than mindlessly following the Sat Nav’s instructions.

I do wonder though, how many of us spend time studying the word and waiting on God over direction for our lives, rather than just flying along by “auto-pilot” and going with our feelings or worse the expectations of others.

Let me encourage you this week, regardless of the EU Referendum result, seek God, know His Word and His voice and follow His direction for your future.