Tough love!

Andy ChadwickBlog

Loving can be tough at times, in fact real love for others can be absolutely exhausting. Don’t let anyone fool you. The kind of love that really makes a difference in this world will require real effort, real sacrifice, but that is the kind of selfless love that God modelled when he gave His Son Jesus for us. It was undeserved, a free gift.

Maybe some of you are in an intense situation that requires that “God” kind of love and grace for others. You may need to show love to a particular person who is demanding, selfish, and never returns your love. And you just think to yourself, “I’m done. No more.”

While that’s perfectly natural and perfectly human, but praise God, when we live in Him, we can love others THROUGH Him. We can be SUPER-natural. His love never fails, His love never  gives up.

Whatever situation you face today.  Live to show others God’s kind of sacrificial love.  Love others with His love. Support one another in this aim to live a life full of His love and grace.

Together we’re stronger!