The waiting game…

Andy ChadwickBlog

Waiting is never easy. This week I read in the paper that a man had phoned a call centre to speak to someone about his utility bill and was put on hold. He left the phone plugged in and on speaker with the music playing whilst on hold and after a while he fell asleep. To his horror, he woke the following morning at 7.00am to find that he was still on hold some 9 hours later!

I am glad to say that God never puts us on hold, but sometimes it can feel like that when we are waiting for an answer to prayer. We have to remember to trust in the Lord and stand on the Word, believing for breakthrough.
Consistency is the key to breakthrough and if we want to see change in our circumstances we have to stand consistently on the Word, not wavering and being buffered and blown by our circumstances. The verse immediately before the one above says “I believe I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”. This has to be our confession.

Throughout scripture we see people waiting for the promised breakthrough answer to prayer. The key is to hold fast to God’s promise and not give in to temptation to do a “DIY solution” like Abraham did. He decided to take matters into his own hands and the result brought tension and despair. God was gracious and soon His answer followed.
If you’ve been trusting God and holding on, but you’re starting to run out of hope, be strong and continue to wait for the Lord! He will come through as long as we continue to be steadfast and walk in obedience. He will provide the guidance we need to hold fast and keep declaring His promises.

The other key I would encourage you to employ is fellowship in the waiting. God has not called us to walk alone. Ask someone to stand in prayer with you for your breakthrough and receive the encouragement that brings. Together we’re stronger!