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“I will continue to rejoice. For I know that as you pray for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me, this will lead to my deliverance.” (Philippians 1:18b-19 NLT)

When things are difficult, don’t try to work it out yourself. Just let God put the pieces back together.  If you’re facing a problem, you’ve got two options: You can worship or you can worry. That’s it! This is where our faith hits the road!

It is possible stay positive and happy in tough times.  First, you have to keep God’s perspective on your problems. Paul says, “For I know.” It’s what you know that keeps you going. Paul knew God was working in the midst of his struggle, and he kept God’s bigger perspective.

Secondly, Paul had people praying for him, and it kept him going. Then he says, “The Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me.” The Holy Spirit also kept Paul going.

Finally he says, “This will lead to my deliverance.” Paul had faith that God would work his problem for good. Because he had God’s perspective, the prayer of friends, the Holy Spirit, and faith, Paul chose to “continue to rejoice.”   When we do choose to praise in the midst of the problem, we release a sacrifice of praise that can change our circumstances.  Break out in praise in the midst of your problem and see the change it makes.