Journeys – Blind man’s buff?

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Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness because of my enemies make your way straight before me.”  Psalm 5:8

Have you ever set off on a journey not quite knowing where you are going?  I have, and it usually doesn’t end well!  I usually get going thinking that I can find my own way and then start to get frustrated when things don’t quite work out as expected.  Next comes the irritated jabbing of my finger at the sat-nav trying to get the route programmed in whilst driving along and looking out for signs.  If only things could have been different….

Well of course they can.  Even I can work out that if I plan the route before hand, look at a map or pre-program the sat-nav, then I will have a sequence of directions to follow.  The sat-nav is also clever enough to identify traffic jams en route and re-route me along the way to avoid danger and hold ups.

The same can be said about the way we approach the year ahead.  Are we going to set off into the year, making things up as we go along and desperately keeping our eye out for direction along the way, or are we going to commit time to prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year to seek God’s wisdom and direction?

Of course, the latter is a much better plan and that is why we spend these 3 weeks in prayer and fasting.  Join us this year on the Daniel Fast and believe for God to speak to us, bringing leadership and direction, helping us to avoid dangers and delays and bringing us into a spacious place of blessing!  Don’t play “Blind man’s buff”, but walk into 2017 with your eyes open and your ears ready to hear what the Spirit is saying!

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